Thursday, September 30, 2010

This is the model of the future

In a recent NY Times article I found the description of what the near future looks like... And, by the way, for all you doubters out there: it's profitable!

"Ancient Italian Town Has Wind at Its Back" ( talks about Tocco Da Casauria a small town that has developed enough alternative energy power to sell electricity back to the grid and make a profit.

Something to admire and replicate

Until next time...Shalom!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Personality of an Entrepeneur

Hello again!
I'm taking advice from friends and returning to my blog in an attempt to keep it alive, in order to do so, I will also post shorter articles. So enjoy:

Even though not specific to Greentech, a lot of my work as a Greentech fund manager pertains to entrepreneurs and their ability to perform.

In the Sunday Business section of the NY Times I found two interesting articles.

The first one describes the "obsessive compulsive" personality that an entrepreneur should have to be successful. And, even though I don't subscribe 100% to this profile, there are a lot of interesting elements described in the article:

"Just Manic Enough: seeking the perfect entrepreneur"

The second article is a short interview with Kevin O'Connor, he is a serial entrepreneur famous for founding DoubleClick. This short Q&A reflects the unique mentality that an entrepreneur has to have in order to come up with a unique product or service and to be able to execute on this idea.

Until next time, shalom!

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