Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Opportunities in Greentech

Since we already took the first step for this Blog, it is now time to dig dipper. Many people have responded to my invitation to read the blog with a question mark and I realize that, to some, Greentech sounds like a strange word.

According to Wikipedia: "Environmental technology or green technology (abbreviated as GreenTech) or clean technology (abbreviated as CleanTech) is the application of environmental sciences to conserve the natural environment and resources, and to curb the negative impacts of human involvement."

To me Greentech represents a conjunction of three things. (1) An initiative to minimize the negative impact of humans on nature. (2) An opportunity to shift geopolitical injustices. (3) A business opportunity. I emphasize on this third point because none of the other advantages is sustainable without this third one.

In this blog I would like to open a conversation about different business opportunities in Greentech. Mainly, Greentech has three branches: 1-Alternative Energy, 2-Water and 3-Waste Management.

Opportunities in Alternative Energy range from Fuel Cells (that transform hydrogen to electricity with water as byproduct) to Wind, Solar or Geothermal power generation. Immense rewards are in sight for the person or company that is able to substitute existing methods of power generation and storage with cleaner and sustainable alternatives and competitive pricing (emphasis in competitive pricing to ensure business sustainability)

Water greentech opportunities range from desalinization and purification to water analysis and irrigation systems. More and more water is becoming a valuable resource and any method that provides water savings or additional sources while upholding our quality of life is a probable winner. Water is also one of the biggest equalizers for global social injustice. If the technology has the added feature of providing water to those who needed the most then its a win-win-win situation.

Waste Management encompasses collection, transport, processing and recycling of byproducts of human activity. Many creative solutions are being developed to reduce the impact of waste. Some solutions include gas, biofuel and power generation from sludge and waste water. Development of new materials that minimize impact on nature. As well as new construction methods and urban designs to reduce the volume of waste or route it in a way that the waste becomes a reusable resource.

In the next entries I will be giving specific examples of companies that are trying achieve some of these tasks. Until then I say unto you "Shalom" (Hebrew word that translates into either hello, goodbye or peace)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How it all started

A wave is being formed... It's the wave of GREENTECH

As we become more conscious of the impact of the "human footprint" in nature; as energy prices keep increasing; as the geopolitics of the world are shifting because of availability of natural resources (such as oil, minerals and even food and water). We are all helping in the formation of this wave.

This is not just a dream of some "tree huggers". This is becoming an economic reality, it's a clear business opportunity. Today's world capitals are looking for the next area of opportunity. The stock market is becoming too volatile. The Real Estate market bubble is deflating and investors worldwide are withdrawing their equity and looking for a place to reinvest it. We, as residents of this world have to realize some changes need to be made in order to keep our house clean and in working order (regardless of the temperature the thermostat is displaying).

In 2007 I realized there was an opportunity to bring potential Greentech start ups from Israel and present them to investors in the West (US and Lat Am). Since then I have been working on both sides of the equation: on one hand talking to investors to gauge their interest in the subject; and on the other, researching the Israel Greentech market (and the Greentech market in general) to search for the best investment opportunities.

As a result, I realized there is a tremendous opportunity in creating a network of business people, entrepreneurs, scientists and students to come together and share our knowledge and interest in Greentech, and in doing so, generating real business opportunities for the development and implementation of such technologies.

As part of my efforts I have also created a "Meetup Group" called Miami Greentech to allow for face to face meetings and occasional presentations of experts in the different fields of green technology. Feel free to sign up at the following address: Miami Greentech

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I will and that you will find useful information here for whatever green initiative you intend to take. Feel free to contact me with your questions and comments.



Sami Shiro